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Infusion Set 20Drops/ml

A collection of sterile devices designed to conduct fluids from an intravenous (IV) fluid container to a patient’s venous system; used for gravitational intravenous administration. Used in human body vein infusion under gravity and mainly together with intravenous needle for single use and hypodermic needle.



MDLance – Safety Lancet for single use. These lancets are used in a variety of lancing devices or in the case of the Safety Lancet as a single use lancing device and lancet. Lancets are used either alone, with a lancing device or in a single use safety lancet to obtain capillary blood samples needed for blood glucose monitoring or for other tests requiring one or two drops of blood.

MDTape 15cmx10m_edited.jpg


MDTape Cloth 10cm/15cm

Non-Woven Fabric, Lightweight with a Soft fabric


MD3-Way Stopcock

Sterile Three-way Stopcock for Single Use: Use together with other medical devices, for clinical vein injection, infusion, or transfusion use.

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