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Estimate Arrival Time by Sea 14-20 Days excluding domestic delivery.

By Sea
Silver Rate / Kg
Silver Rate / CBM
Gold Rate / Kg
Gold Rate / CBM

China-Malaysia All in Rate By Sea

How to Calculate

How to calculate shipping fee

Using international standard to calculate whichever amount is greater. (Weight/CBM) 


Charge by weight

Suitable for heavy products For 1 cubic maximum weight is 300 Kgs



👉🏻   Weight x Rate = Shipping Fee

Ex: Goods Weight 100 Kgs

       Ship by sea  = 100 x 45 =  4,500 THB


Charge By volume

Suitable for light weight products for 1 cubic less than 300 Kgs



Width*Length*Height = CBM

👉🏻     CBM x Rate = Shipping Fee

Ex:   CBM = 0.80

         Ship by sea  = 0.80 x 7,500 = 6,000 THB

From Example above, Customer have to pay 6,000 THB.

**Shipping Fee will charge the greater amount.

Remark: 1 CBM maximum weight is 300 kgs.

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